A new page for 2008 - Incredibly it was originally intended to be posted up in 2004!

Thanks to YouTube, I've been able to put a couple of short video clips of Marcos cars online.

Sadly there's no audio with these..

The Euser LM600 has a major crash at Monza in the hands of Herman Buurmann

A trio of Classic Marcos at Thruxton in the late 1980s - Some will recognise the cars as they still race today

Tiff Needell canes the Mantis GT on Top Gear

I also found this clip, which shows Cor's car crashing at Eau Rouge, Spa.

and this one of a Mini Marcos, doing not much at all.

and this one of one of the Luxembourg meetings.

If you want to see all the best videos from the 50th Anniversary Event at Prescott try this link, where you'll find stuff like this.

Christian Fey sent me all the following video links (Thanks!)

I have on my list from very old Marcos Luton Gullwing and as well the actual Cor Euser Racing.

Cor Euser 04.2008 DSCC 1. race of the season. Language German, but great indoor pictures from the race after around 7 minutes.

Cor Euser Spa 2008: Saturday Cor did win the race and 2. Marcos was involved in a heavy accident.

Marcos Mantula & Porsche 917/10 on the GP circuit Nürburgring (Clip 1 and Clip 2)

3 Marcos on the Nordschleife one complete lap:

Alan Tice at the "Schwalbenschwanz"

Here 2 Marcos videoˇs in colour and with comments from the old Ring 1963 & 1964.
The car is the first ever sold Marcos = Ugly Duckly to a private person, you see some sequences of the Marcos works Fastbacks & Jem Marsh as well filling fuel to the Fastback.


In 64 on the grid of the Le Mans start you can see "Sir Jack Brabham" & "Dennis Hulme" driving the Honda S800 against the Ugly Duckly. The Honda did win. The Marcos works car in both races DNF but the Ugly Duckly had a great performance. and finished if I remember second and fourth.


There are plenty more on YouTube, just select one when you finish playing one of the above clips.