Car Of The Month

The idea of this is that I'll get all you Marcos owners and enthusiasts to send me photos of your cars or Marcos related vehicles that you've spotted in your travels.

Car Of The Month - Get The Image!

It's been years since the last CotM, but Mike Denman's photo of his Marcos 1800 GT, taken during a race at Thunderhill Raceway, turn 5, in Willows California, was so good, I had to include it.

Thanks again for the photo, Mike!

If you want to see your car here or have any photos of Marcos (or related cars) send them to me, NOW and I promise I will post them up if good enough!.

Thanks to all for the photos sent in. I'm always in need of great images of Marcoses, whether your own car or someone else's, road or race - Keep them coming!


First CotM for 2011 was in a very late July and featured Colin Feyerabend's Probe I spotted at the Goodwood Festival of Speed
The next 3 are all of Andy Fraser's V6 Marcos, built in 1972/3 for racing - The first day the engine was fired.
Andy Fraser's car testing at Goodwood in 1973 - This was the car later raced by Jonathon Palmer.
Andy Fraser and his car at a Worthing dealership in 1974 - It's still racing in Canada today.
Bernie from Switzerland sent this photo of a Marcos at Walenstadt.
Reinhard Rieser's 1800 IRS from 1966 was pictured hill climbing in Steckborn CH, at Lake Constance.


First CotM for 2010 was David Barlow's Mantara Spyder.
The second 2010 CotM was Ewan Nugent's shot of his father with a Probe 2001 on STV in the 70s.
next was Lionel Aglave's 1969 wood chassis V6 and M. Aglave in appropriate attire.
Fourth 2010 CotM was Mike McCullagh's 3 litre V6 taken by Andrew Bowden.
Fifth 2010 CotM was Michael Crew's shot of 4 US based Marcos coupes taken at the Gold Cup Historic Races held at VIR in June 2009.
Sixth 2010 CotM was Gary Harman's shot of cars at a TVG meeting.
Seventh 2010 CotM was another shot from Lionel Aglave - This time one of his early cars (in the 70s).


First CotM for 2009 was Ron McLeod's atmospheric shot of 2 60s Marcoses in Florida.
Next up wasAndy & Alison Seward's newly restored 1962 Marcos Gullwing.
The third CotM for 2009 was this shot of a group of Marcoses at Castle Combe for the Britcar race.
Next CotM was Mick Mercer and Richard Fores' Mantis at speed in the Britcar meeting at Castle Combe.
Fifth CotM was this shot of 3 Marcoses at the Pistonheads 'Sunday Service' at Mercedes World at Brooklands
The sixth CotM for 2009 was Paul Friday's remarkable LM600 road car at the 50th Anniversary event at Prescott Hillclimb.
Dave Lewis took this shot of the Computacenter LM500s at Silverstone in their very first British GT race. That's Jem standing between the two cars.
Tony Zemaitis' 1970 3.0l V6 spyder on a steel chassis was the eighth CotM for 2009
This shot of a TSO GT at the 50th Anniversary event at Prescott was the final CotM for the year.


January's CotM was this shot from the British Car Day at Bronte Park, Canada.
February's CotM was this shot looking back from my car around Silverstone many years ago.
March's CotM was Jeff Fag's lovely 1969 3 litre in New Zealand
Alex Sneddon's White Ford 3 litre at Zeebruge was April's CotM.
CLE 100H (my own Ford 3 Litre) was May's CotM
Geir Olav Oye's V4 in rebuild was June's CotM.
Bill Black's 1970 3 litre Volvo coupe pictured at Colorado Springs was July's.
The LM400 of Marcus Barr was August's CotM.
The only TSO in the USA was September's CotM.
October's CotM was the 1800 that Marcos entered for Le Mans in 1968, now owned by Michael Royson.
Brian Virgo's racing V6 3000 was November's CotM.
Matthias Glock's 1971 3L Volvo was the final 2009 CotM.


This shot of a Spanish GT LM600 was January's CotM.
February's CotM was Steve Griffiths' smart looking Mantula
March's CotM was the Costin Amigo racing in 2005.
April's CotM was Howard Nel's 3 litre GT in racing action in his native South Africa.
Mike Denman's lovely 1800 at Thunderhill Racetrack in Northern California was May's CotM.
This shot of theMarcos LM600 of Nogueira in action at Estoril was June's CotM, provided by Joćo Veiga.
Colin Jenkins' 1970 Marcos 3 litre Ford V6 was July's CotM.
August's car was Ray Field's Marcos Mantara 400 Spyder.
a screen shot from the GTR2 PC game showing a custom Marcos LM600 developed by a chap calling himself BorekS was September's CotM.
Paul Huberty's shot of two Historic Marcoses at Spa was October's.
This shot from the British Car Show in Uxbridge Ontario from Ron Macleod was November's.
Ron's second shot of a Modsport 1971 Marcos GT rounded out 2007's images.

Older Cars of the Month

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