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Marcos Chatroom/Forums

The US Marcos Maniacs
have set up a Yahoo group (e-mail, photos, website sort of thing. Lots of good information (especially for those in North America).

Marcos enthusiasts' forum
This 'chat' forum has been set up by Mantis Owner 'The Quiffster'. So far it's catering mainly for owners of Mantulas, Mantaras, Mantis and Mantarays (ie the later cars), but hopefully will include forums for all the models.
Hopefully this will become another good place to find info, for owners, prospective owners and simple enthusiasts (Or even clever ones!).

Marcos Mailing List

There's now a Marcos Mailing list, launched by Richard Porter of the Mini Marcos Owners Club, but catering for all enthusiasts and owners of Marcos cars.

To join, send a mail containing the following text :

subscribe marcos [your e-mail address]

Marcos Related Contacts

Club information request forms are available on a seperate page.

UK Flag Marcos Cars : Rory MacMath, Marcos Heritage Spares:Littleton Garage, Semington,Trowbridge,Wiltshire,BA14 6LF
Tel: 01380 871717
Fax: 01380 870923

UK Flag Jem Marsh (Marque founder)
Tel: 01225 868569 (Poulton Lodge, Bed & Breakfast run by Lyn and Jem)

UK Flag Club Marcos International : Isobel Chivers, 26 Blackberry Close, Chippenham, Wilts, SN14 6RG : Tel 01249 464910

UK Flag Marcos Owners Club : Kate & Paul Crocker, 139 Maidstone Road, Borough Green, Kent, TN15 8HE Tel : (01732 780756) or E-mail to Roger Young (MOC Chairman)

UK Flag Mini Marcos Owners Club : Roger Garland, 28 Meadow Road, Claines, Worcs, WR3 7PP, Tel: 01905 458533 or E-mail to Richard Porter

US Flag For details of the US Marcos Register and their rather neat looking T-Shirt contact Mike Denman at

Canadian Flag Canadian Marcos Owners Club : David Scott, 185 Berens Place, Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, Tel: 001 403 791 4273

Swiss Flag Swiss Marcos Owners Club : Reinhard Reiser.

Swedish Flag Swedish Marcos Owners Club : Per Haegermark, Hovosvagen 5, S430 80 Hovas, Sweden.

scottish Flag Scottish Marcos Owners Group : Neil Calder.

Website Links


Mini Marcos Owners Club - Lots of information, pictures and links related to the Mini Marcos and all its derivatives.
Marcos Owners Club - The Club's own site.
Marcos Owners Club Of Sweden - Site finally on line, includes the Historic Marcos Register and many photographs of the Swedish Marcos Club cars in action.
Luxembourg Enthusiasts site - They organise the annual Euregio and have lots of great pictures, including a couple of edge of shot photos of a Silver LM600 road car!
Scottish Marcos Owners site - Providing information for Scottish owners, but you don't need to be in Scotland to enjoy the site!
Swiss Owners Club site - In 2012 we recreated the Swiss Marcos Club again after a long time without activities.


Eurotech - Long time sponsors of Cor Euser's LM600 and now owners of Marcos Cars.
Brookspeed Racing - This team won the inagural Mantis Challenge in 1998 and frequently appear in the FFSA GT3 class as well as run a Viper in GT2 of the BRDC GT series.
Calum Lockie's website - British GT Series Champion 2000 in the MEMEC LM600.
Marcos Racing USA - This is the official site of the team campaigning two Mantis entries in the US Grand Am series, which started off at Daytona.
Rob Croydon is racing a Mantis in the BRDC GT series, although recent reports link him to the GT class Stealth - Another Mantis graduate to the top flight.
Ray Green's (Updated) NZ Classic Car Racing Page
Topcats Racing - run by former Mantis Challenge and GT runner, Charlotte Osborn, offer you the chance to get out on a race track in a Mantis GT car.


Redline Sportscars - Longtime Marcos Sales Manager, Jeremy Kearns, has set up a new operation specialising in Marcos sportscars. If you get in touch with him, mention you found him through the site.
Paul Stephens Cars - Sportscar dealer, specialising in Marcos cars - In East Anglia.
Wooden Wonders - Michael Royson's website specialising in building wooden chassis for Marcos cars.
Ronnie Cowan Cars - A Marcos specialist in Scotland if you want to drive on those roads!
Wirewheels Classic Sportscars US based classic car dealer who often stock Marcos cars. Also the sponsor of the Marcos Maniacs original run of T-Shirts, so thanks very much!
MarcosCentre Holland - Nico Baas' site - A renowned Triumph expert in Holland, who is also providing sales and servicing for Marcos. - Gary Diver's site - Providing parts for owners based in North America.


Ken Stott owned a Marcos in the Seventies and has a website to prove it - Some great shots of a Marcos V6 when it was a contemporary car. -New URL and site.
Dave McGill has just launched an excellent little site concentrating on scale models of Marcos cars - some great photos and detailed information here.
The Quiffster - He's got a bizarre hairstyle and a Mantis, which he's written about on his web site. - Unfortunately, his site doesn't give his name - No doubt someone will recognise him. Good anecdotes on running a Mantis.
Mantis XP site - Dave McGill was lucky enough to visit (and ride in!) the Mantis XP racer a few years back - He's now put his story and photos into a great website to accompany his Marcos Models one.
Ray Green in New Zealand now has a fledgling Marcos-only site to accompany his site related to the historic sportscar series that he runs his Volvo 3 litre engined car in.
Ashley Molyneux is rebuilding a V4 (as a V6). Lots of pictures and information on the process here, which has been ongoing for some while now.
Jason Redway's site has been around a few months, but I keep forgetting to put a link on. His is about his Mantara.
Christian Fey let me know about this fledgling German site.
Jeff Fagg's excellent Marcos Owners New Zealand Australia (MONZA) website.


The Belcar Championship site - The Belgian GT series where Marcos run.
The Spanish GT Championship site - Check out how Marcos are getting on AND practice your Spanish!
Possibly the coolest Marcos site yet is this article on Motorsnippets. The article describes John Sutton's experiences racing a Marcos GT at the Nurburgring in 1963. You just cannot replicate the period feel of these pictures. Great site.
Euro GT Series - Sponsored by Kumho Tyres and, formerly, the Porsche/Ferrari Challenge, the series is now open to other marques and Marcos are taking part.
Brochure Site - With lots of pictures of many Marcos brochures and other literature - French site with items to buy (possibly - Link to inquire on the site).
The ultimate Marcos Gallery - A large collection of Marcos images all together in one site - Includes lots of shots unseen elsewhere.
Price of His Toys - A great website with information on a huge range of oddball kitcars and specials.

GT and Sportscar Racing

Mark Saxby's Sportscar Racing Page - History & Lots of Pictures
Paul Sands website - Excellent photos from all the British GT events and other races in the UK. Thanks to Paul for letting me use some of his images of Marcos on the site.
DailySportscar is the new project from Malcolm Cracknell - the man behind SportscarWorld and TotalMotorsport - Dedicated to Sportscars and looking up to the standard we've come to expect from Malcolm, even at this early stage.
TotalMotorSport is the new name for Sportscar World - Once the best Sportscar racing website around, now spreads itself over many different forms of Motorsport - Still worth a regular check.
The semi-official FIA Global GT Endurance Series page - Very good coverage of the defunct BPR series, but a little thin on the FIA series. Lots of piccies of LM600s in action.
Sportzpix - These people are providing photographic of the EERC and, as well as kindly providing shots for my site, they will sell you prints at very affordable prices.

Lots more GT racing links on the Sportscar racing page

The Le Mans 24 Hours

Le Mans 24 Hours race information
The 'Ultimate' Guide to the Le Mans 24 Hours
The Official ACO Le Mans Page

Other motoring links of interest

Autolinks Europe - A great motoring links page
Electronic Chariot - An online bookshop and article source
The Special Car Journal - Excellent Monthly E-zine (Well, they've mentioned this site twice!)
Rimmer Brothers - Triumph parts specialists with on-line catalogues (front suspension/brakes and steering on many Marcii is Triumph).

SlotCar Links

Scale Models - Specialising in slot cars - they stock new Fly Marcos as available and often have discontinued models too. - I've bought from this company without problem.
OnTracks - Model railway and slot car stockist - Prices are often good. - I've bought from this company without problem.
P&J Models - A small site, but good to deal with and competitive on price. - I've bought from this company without problem.
Westwood Models - Specialising in Obsolete and collectable slotcars - I've bought from this company without problem.
Fly Model Cars - Sister site of PendleSlotRacing - Specialising in Fly models - Lots of great shots of current and discontinued Fly Marcos models. - I've bought from this company without problem.
Slotracershardware - Yes it's in Dutch, but seems to get shots of forthcoming cars before anyone else.
Ebay Slotcars - Current Listings - Lots of traders and private sales, including some customised one-offs - Worth a look, but Buyer beware.

Sundry links - Just to prove I have some kind of life!

Skiing in Banff and Lake Louise - A great place for a holiday, even at -20C!
Serre Chevalier - The site of the best snow I've ever skiied on!
Bavaria - Mountains, Beer, Autobahns
Lake Garda - Just go there.
Can't quite stretch to Italy? - Then try the Lake District in England!
Castles are one of the things that makes Britain (and the rest of Europe) an interesting place to be. If we're near one on a trip, we'll always try to make the time to visit. - This site saves you travelling!